billeder af de første pix company



Welcome to Fø

Is this a picture website?

Well actually, this site is about impressions and memories,
pixed („picked and pictured“) on my desperate hunt
for the eternal fugitive:
The Moment.

(If I would ever call the moment:
„Stay still, thou art so full of beauty“

I’d just pull the camera’s trigger.)

But of course, a picture
is just a picture.
And a memory only for those
who share it in emotion.  

The site does not come with ambitions to provide
highest level of art-work nor does it claim
to meet professional standards regarding photographic composition
or imaging technology.

– despite the modest attitude –
just as any “picture maker”
I would be happy to find people “out there” that associate some
positive / friendly thoughts or feeling with the images –
or who just like watching it.

So you are very welcome to find
if the pix
mean more to you
than just pixeled colors.

From now on, just follow your instincts


This site contains just a small selection of pictures. If you are interested in more, you are welcome to visit